Storytelling Coach

Storytelling CoachStorytelling Coach: I’ll work directly with you to help organize your thoughts and ideas, and get you ready to create and/or update your company messaging and story. Package includes:

  • Communications Audit – analyze all current aspects of your brand (ex. – consistency across social media platforms, same logo use on all customer-facing correspondence, etc.).
  • SWOT Analysis – identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to Ellen Weldon Design; a reality check of your brand.
  • Competitive Overview – research all direct competitors and those who think they are you. Look at what they’re doing, how they communicate to their customers, their product offerings, etc.
  • Key Message Development – facilitate a messaging session and walk you through my 3-step messaging process for you to create and/or update 2-3 key messages and supporting proof points to use across all customer touch points (website, email campaigns, social media, etc.).
  • Accountability Setting – work together and set a timeline of objectives for success.
  • Miscellaneous – be available to you for ongoing email support and spot counsel, as needed throughout the duration of package.

Fees are based on scope of work. I will work with you to customize a package that’s best for you and your goals. Email me at for more details on what you need.