Storytelling isn’t a flowery activity. Actually, powerful storytelling can help you command a room and increase your presence.

You can learn how to boost your authority by using storytelling like a boss and connect with more amazing clients. Here are a few of my favorite ways to grow authority through stories, no matter how small you are.

Write your elevator pitch

This is the abridged version of your story. It’s the quick and easy reply to the question, “So, what do you do?”

Your elevator pitch should clearly define how you’re different and how you help others. For example, a health coach might say, “I’m a vegan bodybuilder and health coach. After beating cancer, I decided to help others live a healthy life.

Use your elevator pitch over email or even during networking events. Memorize it for quick reference, no matter how busy you are.

Start a blog

The internet is a big place! The best way to quickly and easily share your story is through a blog.

Share your story, your clients’ stories, and industry news. Take a stand and share your authoritative opinion when it really matters.

Over time, your story will help you build the authority necessary to create a loyal tribe of online followers.

Write an eBook

I would love to tell you to write a book about your story. But the book publishing world is insane and time-consuming.

Fast-track your road to authority by writing an eBook. Digital books don’t require a publisher or even printing. All you need is your amazing story and fingers to type it out.

Try publishing your eBook on Amazon to grow your thought leadership.

Film videos

If you have a smartphone, you can film a video. Video is one of the best storytelling mediums because it engages your followers’ eyes, ears, and heart.

Bottom Line…

The best way to stand out online is to have a voice. Be heard through the noise by letting your unique story shine through. Everyone has a message to send; use these four tricks to make yours the one people hear.

How are you telling your story? Let me know in the comments below.

Your story…to be continued