Humans are natural-born storytellers. Unfortunately, as adults, we don’t flex our storytelling abilities as often as we should. It can be hard to think of a compelling, interesting story to connect with your audience.

Never fear. Even the best storytellers get writer’s block. Look to these three sources for an unending waterfall of stories.

1. Telling your story

Your story should already be the basis of your brand. But you don’t have just one story! Every day of your existence is full to the brim with storytelling fodder.

Have you told your audience about a recent struggle in your business? How you achieved an awesome milestone? Or how changes in your personal life affect your coaching business?

It’s okay to be vulnerable. Dish on the hard and embarrassing and funny moments in your daily life. They’re part of your story, and I guarantee your readers will love them — and find you more relatable. Just be sure to link the story back to your brand, business goals, and how you help your clients.

2. Telling a client story

Too often I hear coaches say, “I want to tell my clients’ stories, but I don’t have any!”

I say if you have a client, you have their story. Give your clients’ stories the attention they deserve.

First, get permission from your client to share their name and information. Next, share content about the client’s struggle. Apply the Hero’s Journey model to make the story pop.

Remember to connect your client’s story to yours. Focus on how, together, you overcame a seemingly impossible challenge.

3. Telling an industry story

Need something with a little more bite? Look no further than the latest happenings in your industry.

For example, let’s say you’re a life coach for women with disabilities. If the government made any changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it would have a tremendous impact on your clients.

Stay on top of the latest news in your industry. Learn about any new regulations, controversy, or exciting discoveries.

Take these topics and put your spin on them. Humanize the story behind what’s going on in the industry.

The bottom line

Storytelling doesn’t have to be a drag! Stories are all around you. Approach life with an inquisitive mind and tell the world what you see. That’s the key to genuine storytelling that will get you noticed.

Tell me some of your favorite types of stories to tell for your business in the comments below!

Your story…to be continued