Judy Cohen

Storytelling Coach

Hi! I’m Judy, storytelling coach and recovering public relations executive.  In my 20+ year career in PR,  I used storytelling  to successfully promote some pretty ‘big name’ brands like Travelocity, Sabre, Coca-Cola Foods, Whole Foods, and Verizon as well as super niched and unique companies like non-profits (the ASPCA, the Multiple Sclerosis Society), and even pop-trio Wilson Phillips… and a one-hit wonder rap artist (a story for another time).

I’ve always had an active imagination and loved to stretch the truth at times as a youngster (okay, maybe a little more than at times) BUT I quickly realized that it was my ability to craft a compelling story that resulted in big wins for my clients — and as such, raised the price of my time to a point where I could only work with the big brands that could afford me.
Eventually I got frustrated with agency life — my passion was in helping Solopreneurs and Coaches find their voice and attract their ideal audience.  So, I left and never looked back.  Now I get to combine my talent for storytelling with my passion for helping Solopreneurs and Coaches FINALLY connect with their audience and create momentum. And now I want to help you!

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How I Got Started

I left my high-paying PR executive job after 20+ years to venture out on my own. At the time, I thought the only thing I could do to promote myself and attract clients was to do exactly what I had always done and talk about it… a lot.

I made myself sound like I had a staff of 10, even though it was just me. Surprise! Based on how I positioned my business, I got hired by clients to do the same projects and tasks I’d always done. This led to having the same exact job as before, except now it was just me with no team to support me.

It was a great smoke and mirrors game I was playing. And I was miserable… and drowning.

This wasn’t the business or life I wanted for myself.

Back then I thought… I need more confidence, I need to stop self-sabotaging. Maybe I just need to do something else.

I always taught my clients the importance of storytelling and telling their own story for their business, but I felt so insecure sharing my own truth. Instead, I made up a whole team just so I could impress people so they would take me more seriously.

I was frustrated that I did all the things I thought I should to create a successful business like build an expensive website, start a blog, engage on social media, pay others to help me… but I just couldn’t gain any traction or get new clients.

I remember there were times when I got a good lead on a client and for one reason or another, they wouldn’t sign on with me and I would get so depressed and feel like a failure.

Then, a lightbulb went off. I had all this great experience. Why couldn’t I just take the one thing I was most passionate about to help others? And that passion is storytelling coaching and helping others turn personal experiences into stories that attract ideal clients.

I’ve always known and taught the importance of storytelling (a.k.a. positioning and messaging) for business, but I didn’t truly grasp it until I ventured out on my own. Once I stripped away my fear of telling my story, including my struggles and challenges, I started connecting with my ideal client.

I now totally understand that my journey is my story, and it won’t end here. And this is what I teach.

What I discovered through this journey was that it wasn’t no one wanted was I was selling, or that my ideas were all wrong, or they didn’t like me… or that I didn’t have a good story to tell…

I discovered that I had the wrong strategy of how to attract my ideal clients. And once I started to address that wrong strategy, everything changed for me.

And I want it to change for you too!

Your story…to be continued